April 4, 2021

Back in the day, in high school we used to joke around after failing tests that, Garbage In, Garbage Out. The teachers didn’t find it hilarious though. Now that statement resinates with me on a much deeper level. I am very watchful of all the things that my brain ingests.

Now that we have access to almost everything and everyone because of the Internet, it’s really important to sieve off some of the hurtful and saddening information. As feminine women we are really in touch with our emotions and are very sensitive to stimuli hence lots of stuff can dull our energy.

Here are a few things that i really try to avoid to keep my feminine energy


  1. News 

I know, i know we do need to know whats happening in the world or just around us but listen to this. Most people wake up and switch on the TV for News, and around that time it’s all the latest and top news. Lets be honest top news is never the good things happening in the world, its mostly bombings, national disasters etc etc. So waking up in the morning to all these terrible information and mostly very graphic horrors will not get you to maintain your high spirits.  Because of that I switch off the News especially in the morning.

2. Instagram Feed 

Instagram algorithms are so unpredictable and work in a way to feed you with information that is sometimes not relevant to you. Without even blaming instagram only, let’s talk about the content that some people put on. So I am constantly wanting to lose weight and I remember looking for some posts on that. Only for my feed to be flooded with naked women doing squats. For some reason Instagram just misses the spot and feeds you with lots of nudity, media pushed enhanced bodies and triggering imagery. I would suggest if your feed is not pleasing you and is triggering you then don’t go there, focus on the people you follow and like their content and refresh and refresh.

3. Unnecessary Arguments 

There is always that drive to say I am not a walkover , I can stand my ground, I am strong etc etc well some fights are not worth fighting. Don’t get me wrong because yes, we are strong and all that. The most important thing is your inner peace and only you can protect it from all things bad. So wasting your time and peace on unnecessary arguments will only get you riled up for nothing. I remember having a whole bad day after arguing with someone who had cut the line in the supermarket. Did I need to exchange words with this person? No. Did I not spend the whole day frustrated over nothing? Yes.  It took me just an extra 2 mins to be served next and I didn’t die.


Let’s make it a priority to preserve our feminine energy.

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