April 19, 2021

One question posed by a client of ours is, I get how to dress for work with slacks and shirt but how do I take my slacks to a casual setup?

Let me the first to say I love wide leg trousers and when we released them on our site (Check Them out here) I was the first to grab a pair and then grabbed all colours. I don’t work in a professional environment so it was all for my casual get up, so I could be the best person to answer that.

  1. Jewellery

Firstly jewellery helps elevate your look, be it for a professional work look or a casual get go. Casual set up allows for more colourful, adventurous and bold jewellery pieces. I specifically love some earrings like the ones below.

2. Dainty Tops

To move away from the professional work shirt, I would suggest a more dainty, feminine top. Florals and patterns do come into mind.Expose some skin a little if you wish. I specifically love floral tops like below and yes I do fancy more white on florals.

3. Open toed shoes

Lastly, add some open toe shoes. Be it heels or flats, open toes is the best for a casual look. My favourite is a strappy heel because i love the height too.


I hope this was useful and answers the question. Here are some casual looks I am inspired by.




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